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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many times should I hit the reset button?

    Once. After that, it could put it in lock-out mode, and we want to prevent that, so only once.

  • How often should I maintain my heating AND cooling system? (Yes! You need to maintain your AC system as well.)

    A lot of people forget this until a problem occurs, but the answer is at least once a year. Sometimes homeowners who use their systems all year round, get 2 yearly maintenance visits.

  • How long should my HVAC system last?

    There’s no one answer to that question. Years ago’s systems are completely different from today. Cast iron boilers made in the 1950s last 30-50 years. Today, heat systems are built to last approximately 15-20 years.

  • What temperature should I keep my thermostat at?

    Everyone is different in their wants and needs. Sometimes medical issues are a factor as well, but the average temperature is about 68 degrees.

  • If black soot/smoke is in my house, should I let it burn until it's removed?

    No. There’s no need to panic either, no need to call the fire department (unless you feel it’s necessary) but you should call us right away. We are available 24/7!

  • Are your service contracts mandatory?

    No, they are not mandatory. In fact, that’s one of the things I love about Handy Oil Burner Service. We offer service contracts to benefit our customers. We are humans too! We are trying to save them money and time. For example, a yearly tune-up costs on average $193.00. An emergency service call on a weekday night is $225. That is roughly $425. For $699, we include the tune-up, emergency service call fee, and 18 parts FREE. Also, all additional parts are 20% off. So no, not mandatory, but definitely a good idea and something to look at. Along with our other agreements.